What matters to us…

As part of Churches of Christ in Queensland we acknowledge and support the broader mission of our movement of ‘bringing the light of Christ into communities’. It is founded on the teachings and values of Jesus Christ who calls on every one of us to be a light in the place we are in, through the expression of love.

Our localised mission is to:
Bring the light of Christ into the Vincent and greater Townsville Communities.

Our vision is:
To be a place of common ground where all can grow together.

Our values describe the way we want to act and work together.

  • Be you. At Common Ground we come as we are and celebrate each persons unique contribution to the world.
  • Be kind. Kindness goes a long way. It is expressed through our words and our actions and it helps us create a safe place for everyone to participate.
  • Be bold. We believe that sometimes in life and in community we need to make bold decisions, take risks for good and have deep faith. This guides us as individuals and when we make decisions about our future as a community.