About us

Common Ground Church of Christ is a part of the Queensland Churches of Christ community.  As part of Churches of Christ in Queensland we acknowledge and support the broader mission of our movement of ‘bringing the light of Christ into communities’. It is founded on the teachings and values of Jesus Christ who calls on every one of us to be a light in the place we are in, through the expression of love.

When we gather, we let grace become the glue that holds us together focusing on what we have in common rather than anything that would separate us. Our Sunday gatherings are authentic and meaningful with an opportunity to discover more of God, be encouraged through music and the arts and experience grace and kindness through time spent together.

Our community meets on the Churches of Christ Queensland Campus in Vincent, Townsville. We share a common vision of the holistic welfare of all people and share our site with a significant number of not-for-profit organisations that also serve the local community out of our campus. For us it is more than just sharing a site, it is an opportunity to share resources, ideas and expertise that adds greater benefit for our local community.

Our weekly activities include our Shed, Fabric room, Sunday Kids Church, Friday Youth and various other community activities. We also are privileged to partner with and support various organisations locally including Scripture Union Chaplains, M3 dance, Sports Chaplaincy Australia as well as our international mission partnership in the Sudan with Global Mission Partners.

Discover our mission, vision and values.